Change that matters
towards sustainable wet processing in China

  • BMI project report available online


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  • BMI Conference on Sustainable Textile Supply Chain Management


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  • Green Supply Chain Forum: Transforming the textile industry


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  • Solidaridad China shares proven sustainability methods for economic benefits


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  • better mill initiative

    A world to win

    The world needs to be clothed by an industry that produces no unnecessary harm and has a positive impact on the people and communities that are associated with its activities.

    That's why the Better Mill Initiative is determined to improve textile wet processing in China. We are keen on demonstrating the promise of turning current negative impact into opportunities for both the dyeing and finishing industry in China as well as brands and retailers worldwide.

  • Factory Improvement

    Following a step-by-step approach, we work towards improvement of sustainability performance in 75 associated factories.

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  • Multi-stakeholder Dialogue

    Tackling complex challenges is so much more feasible when done together. That’s why we facilitate multi-stakeholder discussion.

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  • Knowledge Exchange

    We share results, experiences and best practices. Ultimately, this helps all of us to gain better insight in critical business, social and environmental issues.

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  • our solution

    A brighter tomorrow for people, planet and companies

    Addressing the environmental and social issues related to textile wet processing requires different players to act. Only joint action can affect real and lasting change in an industry that offers such an enormous scope for improvement.

  • Factories

    Factories benefit from advice that helps them to achieve improved production efficiency, environmental performance and increased compliance.

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  • Brands

    Brands have an increasingly pressing agenda to achieve sustainability goals. By participating in the Better Mill Initiative, they learn from other brands, suppliers and experts.

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Together we can bring about change that matters

Solidaridad loves solving the puzzle of what may initially seem to be contradictory interests and agendas. We are compelled to find that common ground, expose it, and use it to demonstrate that things can be done differently.

  • Henrik Lampa
    Environmental Sustainability Manager at H&M

    “Thanks to our collaboration, we have improved our way of working over the years with resource-smart production.”

  • Janet Mensink
    Int. Programme Coordinator Cotton & Textiles at Solidaridad

    “The joint expertise of businesses and NGOs is the main requirement for improvement of the supply chain, from field to fashion.”

  • H&M

    H&M values Solidaridad's knowledge and expertise, as wel as her incorruptible approach and pragmatism.

  • Solidaridad

    Solidaridad focuses on collaborating with business, because it believes that meaningful change originates within the market.


our partners

We are proud to

  • “Originated in Denmark”

    Bestseller, fashion home of amongst others; Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, Vila and Pieces

  • “An invaluable opportunity”

    Katharine Stewart, Ethical Trade & Sustainability Director.
    BMI offers an invaluable opportunity to mills to implement a comprehensive sustainable textiles wet processing programme.

  • “It is not just about that new dress”

    New Look is a leading, fast fashion retailer, offering exciting and accessible fashion across the globe.

  • “BMI really accelerates cleaner production in textile manufacturing”

    Felix Ockborn, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator - Water.

  • “Protection of the environment”

    C & A, We actively contribute, where economically feasible, to the protection of the environment.